Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Feels Like Home To Me.

Have you ever been somewhere and known instantly that that place is home?

For me, my favorite place on earth is Cambridge, England.

I spent a month there the summer between my junior and senior years of High School studying communications and journalism in a summer program and I totally fell in love.

There are certain things that always remind me of my favorite town, baked potatoes (from Tatties), the Open Market, Current juice (which I can never find in the states except for at Wegmans from concentrate), Punting on the river, and drinking tea at the Galleria.

So this morning when I went to Corner Bakery for breakfast I was amazed to find Black Current Iced Tea! It was wonderful.

I always get euphoric when I think about Cambridge and I think if I ever have the opportunity I would love to live there. Even if only for a year or two, but I would retire their in a heartbeat.


Veritablerika said...

I can see me you and Kate, someday in the far future... retired, all sitting around a coffee table in a bistro enjoying each others company, gossiping about the passers by and just generally enjoying life. Cambridge doesn't seem like such a bad place to enjoy such wonderful afternoon.

Kate said...

!! I just found this when I was reading Angela's blog and knew you'd want to see it: caseyandjulie.blogspot.com