Thursday, June 12, 2008

What a Hoot!

So last night as we were eating dinner on the porch we heard what sounded like a dog barking, but really it was an Owl!

We have had an owl before but this one sounded different so I called my friend Erika, who knows about these things, to see if she new what kind of owl it was.

She was able to hear it a bit and from what we have deduced it is a Barred Owl which Kate has now named Oberon.

The Barred Owl, Erika informs me, makes a call that sounds like this…

“Who cooks for you, who cooks for youuu all”

(isn’t he cute!)

She also believes that the Owl we had before was a Great Horned Owl, but find it weird that we have a Barred because Owl’s are territorial and the Great Horned is much bigger that the Barred.

Anyway the Great Horned Owl has a call that goes like this…

“Who’s Awake, Meee too”


In other news…

For those of you who watch Top Chef…

Stephanie Won!

She is the first woman to win in 4 seasons of the show!

Although I was a huge Antonia fan, I am very happy for Stephanie. I hear she is already looking for a location for her new restaurant.

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