Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009

The bushes in the first picture of my last post are now entirely under snow.

When we woke up on Sunday the plan for the day was to cook the turkey. My friend walked through the snow to bring me the citrus, herbs, and butter I needed to cook the bird with.

Meanwhile Russ shoveled snow with the neighbors outside. That was when I got the idea to invite the neighbors to dinner. So I walked around and explained that I had a 21lb turkey and that it needed to be cooked. And would they please all come for dinner. One neighbor agreed. Please note I have never met any of these people before.

My friend and I spent the next 4 hours cooking turkey and watching Pride and Prejudice.

Eventually she had to walk home to her family and Russ and I made potato latkes and scotch and mushroom risotto. I also whipped up some garlic green beans.

Our neighbor John came over with some beer and then we got an older couple who is new to the neighborhood. They bought wine, sweet potato casserole, and cookies. And then came Skender, our neighbor from across the street. He’s a little awkward but he was fun and the best part is his name spelled backwards is REDNEKS! Too hilarious.

My friend who helped me cook the turkey came back with her husband and daughter, they pushed their way though the slush with the stroller. They brought like 8 different cheeses. The Domestic Empress came with her lobster quiche, baked brie with mushrooms, and Plaza White Sauce which she had her brother pick up in Newport News on his way home for the holidays. And MoBot braved the snow in her mothers Jeep to bring me green beans and hang out with us.

Now I’m not usually a complete klutz but during the course of the dinner I made the spoon fly out of the green beans and onto the floor and then tried to help The Domestic Empress and made the mistake of going out onto the driveway in converse high tops. Needless to say I slipped and fell on the ice. It was straight out of a cartoon. My neighbors must think I’m crazy.

But all in all it was a good night. We met out neighbors, and had a great time.

I still have not braved the snow in the convertible. Perhaps tomorrow. My parents were kind enough to come pick Russ and I up and drop us off at work and at the buss stop. Our streets are still so bad the usual bus that Russ takes won’t come near the house yet.

Thank god this is a one day work week.

BTW yesterday was also the Winter Solstice so Merry Belated Yule to everyone!


Amber said...

awesome idea to invite the neighbors!

Miss Malbec said...

thanks Amber. it was a lot of fun, and now i know a few of my neighbors which in a year of living here i have never met.