Monday, December 7, 2009

I can’t believe that just happened!

So today kinda sucked. It started out fine. I got up went to the orthopedics office and was told that my appointment was for tomorrow. So I got an appointment at an office across the street for 3:45 today and cancelled the appointment for tomorrow.

So I got to work late, my hand was hurting, and there was not much I could do.

At 3:00 I left work, got my X-rays from the hospital, and went to the ortho’s office.

He came in, took one look at my x-ray, said it was a tendon problem and decided what I needed was a Cortisone shot, no problem, I’m good with needles.

He jabs a 2 inch needle that is really thick into my wrist in several directions and all the way in. no problem. It oozed white from the numbing medication he had added to the needle. Again no problem.

I grabbed my stuff walked into the hall and promptly passed out on the floor; thank god the doctor caught me before my head hit the floor. My color came back, I drank water, and left.

WTF? I have no idea what happened.


Mrs. Misadventure said...

bleh I hate needles... you must be VERY brave! as far as the passing out goes, I know absolutely NOTHING about medicine so I can't help you there :(

Miss Malbec said...

it was just so weird. i'm usually the kind of person that likes to watch getting my blood drawn because the vacuum sealed tubes fascinate me. maybe my iron was low?