Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I could use a hobby

I used to have all kinds of things that I did to keep busy. I could spend an entire day in my room alone and feel fulfilled.

I used to be in theater and in chorus. I tried sports like horse back riding, ice skating, tae kwon do, fencing, gymnastics, ballet, and a million others, I traveled, and groups.I Read, watched TV, went to the movies, colored, crafted, sewed, did community service and volunteer work, babysat and did a million other things.

Then came a period in my life when all I did was work and go to school. I had 4 jobs and went to school full time. I loved working at Curves and talking to all my customers everyday, I loved working at a catering company planning weddings for people and eating great food, I loved working at the renaissance festival 3 months out of the year, I loved taking tickets at all the awesome concerts in town, and although I never loved school work I loved learning and was proud to get a degree.

6 days after my last final I was offered a job, and 12 day before my technical graduation date (I did not go) I started working. And I never looked back.

I love planning meetings and I love going to new town and hotels and meeting new people. And for the most part my hours are steady and I could have time for other things but then I get home and I’m tired, I have to cook dinner, I watch a few shows and it’s time to go to sleep.

Two nights a week Russ goes to band practice, and for the most part I find stuff to do with myself, I clean, or go see a friend, or go see my mom, or run errands but last night I had nothing. I was too tired to do the dishes that needed doing but I wanted to leave the house or actually do something. Instead I showered and sat in bed watching Netflix videos on my computer. The movie was cute and entertaining but I wish that I had had some other project to work on. A hobby like Russ’s band practice that would require me to leave the house several nights a week. But I don’t.

I wanted to join a choir, but they all have expensive dues, ugly outfits, and make you pay per sheet of music. I wanted to take a floral design class but again it’s very expensive. I wanted to find a dance class but have not really found a place where I am interested in going or a class that I am particularly interested in. so what now?

I really don’t like sitting at home two nights a week rotting my brain with television and wasting precious time.

Any ideas?


Kate said...

I feel like you've already answered your own question : )

Miss Malbec said...

not really, i need an inexpensive hobby.

beading was way too expensive although i love it and knitting can be expensive and i'm not very good.

Aaron said...

Wanna do amateur Tae kwon Do with me? No cost involved. It pretty much just involves you and me in my back yard punching and kicking random things.

Let me know.


Miss Malbec said...

hahaha i think i still have my sparring gear somewhere.